Dear Delegates

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Asia 2017! My name is Lyndon Hanrahan, and I’m very excited to be chairing the Arab League this year!

In this committee, you will have the chance to delve into critical issues affecting the Arab World. You will have the chance to debate the importance of addressing the critical issue of high unemployment, as well as discuss the goal of economic integration within the region. As delegates of the Arab League, you will carry the responsibility of balancing the interests of your neighbors with the needs and pursuits of your own country. Make no mistake –– your conference experience will be filled with challenges and triumphs, setbacks and victories, dialogue and drama. It will be educational, fruitful, and fascinating. And, most importantly, it will be fun.

Beyond committee, you will have the opportunity to learn about and even experience first hand the inner workings of a supranational governmental organization. Although you will be participating in a model Arab League, you will gain important insights into how such organizations function on a daily basis as well as have the opportunity to learn for yourselves the successes and limits of such a system. In order to gain the most from this experience, I encourage you to thoroughly research the positions of your particular country, as well as potential counter arguments to those positions. Consider what factors go into these opinions and, as should any good delegate, always remain vigilant. With a bit of luck, you will walk away from HMC Asia 2017 having served as exemplary young leaders and having been persuaded that public service is a noble and worthwhile pursuit.

Feel free to send me an email at any time to introduce yourself or ask any questions that may come to mind. I encourage you to start stepping into your roles as members of the Arab League right away by staying attuned to current events and researching the debate topics for our committee.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

All the best,
Lyndon Hanrahan
Chair, Arab League

About Me

Lyndon Hanrahan

Arab League
Lyndon hails from the great city of Toronto and studies History, literature, and Arabic at Harvard. In addition to Model Congress, Lyndon is on the board of the college film festival, gives tours of Harvard, is involved in the theatre scene, and works as a peer tutor and videographer. His greatest passions are film and travel, both of which he pursues whenever possible. 

Pre-Conference Assignment

Each delegate will submit two one-minute speeches, one on each briefing topic. These speeches should written from the perspective of the delegate’s assigned role — for example, a delegate assigned the role of the United States should present arguments that the United States would be in favor of. The pre-conference assignments are due on December 22nd and should be sent to your committee chairs by email (see above). Delegates should use this opportunity to research their role and become familiar with the topics at hand in order to prepare for the conference. Committee chairs will provide feedback on these assignments before the conference.