Dear Delegates

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress Asia 2017! My name is Jason Mills, and I am excited to serve as the chair of the National Security Council (NSC). You are now the president’s most trusted advisors on security and foreign policy with the potential to shape the direction of democracy in the US and broader world.

During the conference, our committee is tasked with solving important issues dealing with domestic drone usage and aid to Kurdish forces. Our aim is to craft policy recommendations that most effectively implement the president’s policy agenda and protect US citizens from growing threats.

This conference offers you a firsthand experience in lawmaking—you witness a piece of legislation stem from an idea to a committee-negotiated resolution. As members of the executive branch, you will also see another side of American federalism: the coordination of advisors and agency heads to aid the president in day-to-day administration of federal policy. Specifically, NSC handles some of the nation’s most sensitive information and coordinates executive actions such as targeted killings and hostage rescues.

As your senior staffer, I hope to offer you a transformative experience in which you will hone your negotiating and speaking skills. Most importantly, I hope you learn more about important world issues and engage your mind in a way that will make you a better global citizen.

I look forward to working with you! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the conference, committee, or briefing topics. I am extremely excited to work with all of you. Good luck with your preparation and see you in January!

All the best,
Jason Mills
Chair, National Security Council

About Me

Jason Mills

National Security Council
Jason Mills is a senior in Winthrop House. He studies Social Studies with a focus on economic and educational inequalities and a secondary in Economics. He serves as the co-president of Harvard Model Congress Boston and advises freshmen. Jason is also involved with Harvard’s Black Students Association and Institute of Politics. Off campus, he mentors boys in middle school through the Phillips Brooks House Association. He loves politics and hopes to pursue a career in law and business. He is from Queens, New York and his hobbies include watching tennis and singing.

Pre-Conference Assignment

Each delegate will submit two one-minute speeches, one on each briefing topic. These speeches should written from the perspective of the delegate’s assigned role — for example, a delegate assigned the role of the United States should present arguments that the United States would be in favor of. The pre-conference assignments are due on December 22nd and should be sent to your committee chairs by email (see above). Delegates should use this opportunity to research their role and become familiar with the topics at hand in order to prepare for the conference. Committee chairs will provide feedback on these assignments before the conference.