Dear Delegates

Welcome to the most esteemed group of advisors in the country. You are not only the heads of different executive departments, but also the eyes and ears of the President of the United States. You will be responsible for enacting a legislative agenda, speaking in different committees on behalf of the cabinet, signing and/or vetoing passed bills, and responding to crises in the absence of your President. Although your titles are confined to one department or area, you must be prepared to advance the will of the President in every area you are confronted with this weekend.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a member of the Presidential Cabinet. Members of the Presidential Cabinet are experts in their fields, they make judgment calls quickly, and they formulate arguments at a rapid pace. The matters discussed in the Presidential Cabinet progress with great speed––there is not always time to research or refine a bill or measure. Members of the Presidential Cabinet must be previously informed and successful at formulating questions quickly, in the few minutes that bill authors spend in front of them presenting a bill, for instance. The pace is fast, and members of the Cabinet must be prepared for it.

When the Presidential Cabinet meets in January 2017, it is imperative they outline a legislative agenda immediately. Specifically, the Presidential Cabinet should be prepared to propose different ideas for legislation that no other committee at the conference appears to be targeting. While the other committees’ briefings can help sharpen your understanding of the key issues at stake, look for what is missing and still very important for the Cabinet to discuss and ameliorate.

The work of the Presidential Cabinet will outline the future path of all crafted legislation this January. It is important the Presidential Cabinet is prepared to make the decision their President would support, and look at each piece of legislation proposed carefully and critically.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve at the pleasure of the President. You are expected to understand and respect the responsibility your role requires, and faithfully discharge your duty to the President in January.

Best regards,
Maria Mendoza
Presidential Cabinet, HMC Asia 2016

About Me

Maria Mendoza

Presidential Cabinet
Maria Mendoza is a sophomore in Quincy House from West New York, NJ pursuing a degree in Government with a secondary field in Economics. While most of her time at Harvard consists of unfruitful searches for nearby authentic Cuban cuisine, Maria also competes on the mock trial team and tutors Harvard employees studying for the citizenship exam.

Pre-Conference Assignment

Each delegate will submit two one-minute speeches, one on each briefing topic. These speeches should written from the perspective of the delegate’s assigned role — for example, a delegate assigned the role of the United States should present arguments that the United States would be in favor of. The pre-conference assignments are due on December 22nd and should be sent to your committee chairs by email (see above). Delegates should use this opportunity to research their role and become familiar with the topics at hand in order to prepare for the conference. Committee chairs will provide feedback on these assignments before the conference.