Dear Delegates

Our names are Sebastian Wagner-Carena and Rachel Chiu and we’re both happy to welcome you to Harvard Model Congress Asia 2017. This year we’ll be co-staffing the World Trade Organization and working closely with all of you to make it one of the best committees at HMCA. As many of you are probably already aware, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is a unique and far-reaching international organization with the purpose of expanding free trade and offering a dispute settlement system for when trade agreements are violated. As members of the world’s premier trade organization, you will have to navigate some of the most challenging and controversial international disputes. The decisions you make in the WTO will affect decades of trade relations.

We think that the topics for this year are going to create a fantastic opportunity for some interesting debate, but they should also hopefully help push you to bring a wide variety of ideas to the table. While we want all of our delegates to leave HMCA feeling fulfilled, we also want our committee to be an opportunity for all of you to get to know students that share in your political passions. By the end of the conference our hope is that you not only grow academically, but that you also challenge and even broaden your own perspectives. We want to make your HMCA experience as fun and engaging as the ones we’ve had in the past.

Over the course of the next couple of months feel free to email either of us with absolutely any questions you may have about the conference or just to get to know us. We’re incredibly excited to be your staffers this year and can’t wait to meet you at the conference.

Best Wishes,
Sebastian Wagner-Carena and Rachel Chiu
Chairs, World Trade Organization

Pre-Conference Assignment

Each delegate will submit two one-minute speeches, one on each briefing topic. These speeches should written from the perspective of the delegate’s assigned role — for example, a delegate assigned the role of the United States should present arguments that the United States would be in favor of. The pre-conference assignments are due on December 30th and should be sent to your committee chairs by email (see below). Delegates should use this opportunity to research their role and become familiar with the topics at hand in order to prepare for the conference. Committee chairs will provide feedback on these assignments before the conference.

About Us

Rachel Chiu

World Trade Organization
Rachel is a sophomore in Quincy House who is (unfortunately) still terribly unsure about what she is majoring in. Her interests include Women and Gender Studies, International Relations, and Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, playing the ukulele (much to the chagrin of her roommates), and travelling. She is very excited to be staffing HMCA in her hometown of Hong Kong. 

Sebastian Wagner-Carena

World Trade Organization
Sebastian is a junior pursuing a degree in Physics with a secondary in Computer Science. On campus, besides being a member of HMC, he’s also on the Harvard Ultimate Frisbee Team and dabbles in some on campus research. He loves the fascinating political discussion that makes up the HMC experience.